Built around the specific needs of ANY footballer.

Product Specs

  • Re-invented for Comfort
  • Anti-slip Guard
  • Carbon Fiber

Product Benefits

  • Increased Strength
  • Razor-thin Design
  • Ultra Light-weight

Our Story

Born amongst two best friends, Strapzy is a word that is carried with great weight.

The word “Strapzy” means loyalty, somebody who is there for you through it all. Somebody who picks you up when you are down, and claps for you when you are striving. It is more than just loyalty – it is a sense of brotherhood, someone who is with you through it all, until the very end.

At Strapzy’s Shinnies, we have reinvented the comfort of football specific shin guards. Crafted and specifically measured, we have designed a thin, substantial product. With layered carbon fiber sheets, our product is only designed to take the most powerful and hefty hits while out on the football pitch, whilst only being of minimal thickness. 

Our hand crafted shin guards, have been built around the specific needs of ANY footballer, ranging from kids who are just starting out their footballing careers, to the best footballing athletes in the world!